About : Omri
I am Omri Malka, a visual artist from Tel Aviv.
Primarily known as a music video director.
& My special power is animating to the beat.


As a kid for two working stage artists,
My passion for audio-visual art began early.

I started making beats when i was 12
shot my first music video when i was 15
started editing videos for clients when i was 16

Since then I studied film 
 & acting         
                                                   & visual communication.

                                                                    & spent most of my free time making beats.

By 27 I worked with dozens of advertising & production companies from Israel & US.
I Directed dozens of Independent projects
Designed Album covers for International labels
& spent over 10,000 hours in front of ADOBE softwares - animating & designing.
I also won 6 awards and a short film I edited was selected
for the Short Film Corner at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.
My project "Know You" was selected for 8 festivals and won two awards.

Right now I enjoy motion design & album covers design
& I'm available for freelance projects.

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