About : Omri

I'm Omri, a Visual Artist, currently finding creative inspiration in Yaffo alongside my partner, Avitaloo.
My creative journey revolves around crafting engaging visual content for a diverse clientele, spanning artists, companies, and brands. With a foundation in film, acting, and visual communication, I infuse a distinctive perspective into my projects. As a director and video editor, I've contributed significantly to numerous video productions, earning recognition through features in online magazines and securing six awards.
In my specialization, I excel in creating versatile types of video visualizers, designing album covers.
With extensive experience in crafting video productions, I've honed my skills in bringing stories to life through animation and videography.
My artistic expedition began with specialized film-making during my military service at the age of 18, leading to fruitful collaborations with industry leaders such as Wix, Universal Israel, Reshet 13, and Session 42. Currently, I contribute to Israel's dynamic motion design landscape as part of Wix's esteemed Studio Video.
Embracing the title of a workaholic, I'm always eager to dive into new freelance projects.
For a deeper dive into my journey, feel free to explore my detailed CV 
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